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Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, comprising around 17,000 islands. Its population counts to 261 million[1], making it the fourth most populous nation in the world. Indonesia has the highest GDP in the ASEAN region with USD 1 trillion in 2017 and it is the only ASEAN member who is part of the G-20. However, in terms of its GDP per capita, in 2017 it is amounted to USD 3,871[2] and it takes the fifth place among the Southeast Asian countries. Indonesia is a presidential constitutional democracy, in which the political power is to a considerable extent decentralized to provincial and local governments. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and the largest metropolitan area in Southeast Asia with tremendous population growth and a wide range of urban issues. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language and spoken throughout the country, while English is commonly used as the business language.


[1] 2016 estimation by Bank Indonesia

[2] ASEAN Secretariat. ASEAN Statistical Leaflet 2018