Lao PDR – 2022
March 1, 2022
Despite the large percentage of electricity access in villages, connection fee still becomes a challenge in Lao PDR. To overcome this, Power-to-the-Poor and Use of Electricity initiatives were launched....
Indonesia – 2022
February 25, 2022
To reduce fuel import reliance and expenditures, Indonesia has been introducing mandatory mix requirements of palm-based biodiesel to the market. The success of the B30 mandate has brought to...
Cambodia – 2022
February 24, 2022
Cambodia has created remarkable progress in electrification by achieving a 92% electrification rate at the end of 2019. The nation will continue to develop grid expansions and mini-grid to...
Brunei Darussalam – 2022
February 21, 2022
As the transport sector is responsible for the largest share of final consumption in Brunei Darussalam, the government is working to establish energy efficiency policies in this sector. One...