Riezki Setyana

Advisor for Communications and PR

Riezki Setyana (Riezki) is the Advisor for Communications and PR for the ASEAN-German Energy Programme (AGEP). Her work includes driving the strategic public diplomacy and outreach activities of the GIZ-funded program, which advocates the sustainable energy policy across the ASEAN region. Taking a people-to-people approach to her role, Riezki is also responsible for media and digital activities, including crafting stories and sharing the program’s impacts. Riezki joined the ASEAN-German Energy Programme (AGEP) after previously oversaw International Public Affairs with Edelman and EU Public Diplomacy and Outreach programme. Her exposure to various government and diplomatic representatives’ values gives her a range of unique perspectives about communications for development. Outside of work, you will likely find Riezki in a spacious rooftop somewhere, a calm and traditional music concert, or in the corner of a gelato shop.