Good Practice: Net-metering reference guide in the Philippines

The factsheet provides brief summary of “Net-metering reference guide: how to avail solar roof tops and other renewables below 100 kW in the Philippines”. The guidebook was published in 2014 by the Department of Energy (DoE) Philippines in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in the framework of the Project Development Program (PEP) Philippines.

The guidebook gives clear guidance to utility customers and developers on how to apply the net-metering scheme in the Philippines. It provides detailed information on the general net-metering mechanisms, offers guidance to the applicable procedures and highlights issues like technology choice and financing. Frequent questions are answered and useful links to important stakeholders (installers, technology providers, utilities) provided. It is expected that the reference guide will entice electricity customers to generate their own electricity with quality installations and to take advantage of the net-metering rules in the Philippines.  By having the guidebook, beneficiaries will be encouraged to implement their net-metering scheme according to good practice.

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