Rizky Fauzianto

Team Leader

Rizky Fauzianto (Rizky) joined ASEAN German Energy Programme (AGEP) team since July 2015 and currently acts as the Team Leader. He completed his Bachelor Degree with major on Informatics Engineering at Telkom Institute of Technology, Indonesia, and then pursued his Master Degree of Sustainable Resource Management at Technical University Munich, Germany. In between, he was an implementation manager for company’s strategic project & multinational clients (Chevron, ConocoPhillips, JP Morgan) in the largest Indonesian state-owned-bank for almost four years and worked in Linde AG on European-scale IT improvement project & Munich-based research institution on energy for more than one year. After completing his studies, he showed a huge interest in sustainable energy and experienced vast exposures of project management, which led him to work in GIZ. At GIZ AGEP, he is responsible for supervising the implementation of all AGEP Phase I and Phase II activities jointly with ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE) with total budget of around 7 Mio EUR for regional activities and publication, i.e. The 5th and 6th ASEAN Energy Outlook, ASEAN Regional Grid Integration Training Series, ASEAN Energy Database System, ASEAN Smart Grid and Grid Code study, and Levelised Costs of Electricity for Renewable Energy Technologies in ASEAN.